Weblectures in all shapes and sizes

Nowadays more and put more onderwijsinstelligen web lectures in. The core of web lectures (also known as web lectures, webcasts or webinars) that the participant in another location online can follow the lectures. Clients and expect that the deployment of web lectures remains close to their mission and core values. For some institutions this means that web lectures can replace lectures. For others it means a support which just keep the colleges on campus essentials.
Anyway, there are technically already very good solutions. For the professor, lecturer or trainer does the consciousness of cameras and sound equipment. It is reminiscent of some media training, although spin doctors obviously are not needed! It must sometimes be a little small threshold.

For students it means a lot convenience. Or participate remotely using a web lecture live or remotely colleges in their own time and pace for the first time or once again relive. All in all a lot more choice, which can improve motivation and academic success.