Personalized Learning with  Social Learning,  gamification and learning analytics

CheckAre you looking for improving your lifelong learning?

CheckAre you in search for personalized learning by collaboration and mutual knowledge and competence sharing?

CheckWould you like to translate informal work-space learning into learning outcomes?

CheckWould you like to save costs in developing training and courses and make your organizational knowledge transparant?

CheckAre you in for online blended "on the job" learning experiences by deploying and using already present content?

CheckWould you like to measure, monitor and improve your and your teams learning processes?

Campiade offers consultancy:

Campiade offers learning-technology:

A Learning Management System which supports Social Learning and Gamification.

♦ Saves cost of instructors and trainers, as a result of peer-to-peer collaboration of learners. The coach as (online) moderator when needed.

♦ Easy and effective learning design and development, allowing participants curating and improving each others contributions by working together.

♦ Learning results not only aimed at completion of the desired subject or domain, but at the same time at participation, contribution and other high level skills needed at work.

Campiade offers learning-technology:

Learning Analytics software, continuously measuring, analyzing and visualizing online learning events

♦ Analyze learning data, allowing it to fulfill meaningful pedagogical interventions.

♦ Visualize individual learning with Learning Dashboards to optimize learning processes.

Why personalized learning with integrated learning technology?


Collaboration and knowledge sharing in the 21st century

Your organization too has to respond to increasing complexity and change. Included the unpredictability resulting from this. Everyone is connected due to technological developments and this can no longer be ignored.
Working and learning in the line of business - and therefore keeping knowledge and skills up to date - is of great importance to you and your colleagues. How do you maintain and foster your knowledge? How can you continuously improve and perform at the same time?
21st century skills needed are curiousness and wonderment, openness to surprises, making mistakes, critical thinking, creativity, flexibility and openness to knowledge sharing. Collaboration and teamwork with specific communities is a very important one. Giving your co-workers feedback, receive feedback, coach and reflect on subjects and challenges is a motor for action learning! These are all innovative and enterpreneural skills providing energy!


A learning experience based on mutual strengths

How would it be if these skills could get a place in the culture of your organization? And you and your team would be willing to embrace them? One of the
For example, self management will replace more and more the hierarchical pyramid. You will have to determine your own goals and targets, as long as they are aligned with the mission and core objectives of your organization. Think about customer or client satisfaction. Or optimization of products or services to stakeholders (like volunteers for example). You will grow into feeling more accountable and responsible for your development and performance. As a result of this, you will take specific steps to set your own learning goals.
More and more organizations embrace this philosophy and adjust the learning environment and experience. More self-management, less structure, more responsibility. It is a smart way to keep professionalizing yourself by performing, learning and aligning constantly with the main objectives of the organization. In a learning environment like this, your strengths and qualities are continuously needed, activated, challenged, transferred and to team and organization!


Lifelong personalized workplace learning?

A lot of research has been done about workplace learning. One of the outcomes is that a major part of our learning takes place in our daily practice. In our 'business as usual'. We work a lot together in all kinds of projects and relationships. So take your daily 'collaboration practice' as a starting point. This is the place where a major part of the challenges and problem solving belong. And because of the insight that performance and learning are closely interconnected, you will learn a lot from something that you actually try out in practice. Accepting mistakes and things that do not go as expected, are surely part of this. Did you also know that you performance will increase when you learn something for the first time or when you want to learn more? And a result of the continuous change and uncertainty, this will also be your permanent challenge! If you are aware of this and take the responsibility for your own learning and development, you have already taken an important step!

So working and learning together will be very important, because often it is more effective to get to the core of certain problems together than alone. And of course sometimes it is better to leave certain challenges to your colleague, who has more experience or skills take it. You will experience that your learning will be aimed at improving the performance of your team. Most of this learning is informal. Your learning develops in an agile way and management or your L & amp; D department will be less inclined to pre-structure it. By sharing each other's experiences, solutions, improvements and knowledg, a learning organization arises that constantly reinvents itself by experiencing what works and what doesn't. Because everyone works within his or her own specific working context, everyone experiences personal learning objectives and a personal learning journey!


How can technology support you?

Learning technology is inextricably linked to personalized learning. The enormous flow of information will have to be supported and structured.
An online learning environment that optimally supports informal social learning is necessary. An environment where knowledge and experiences are built, curated, shared and maintained together. Peer feedback and gamification prove decisive in order to be able to foster and use each other's knowledge. More actively and in a more focused way.
The learning environment must be available anywhere, anytime and at any place. Everyone's learning experiences have to be stored, so that data about your learning process can be analyzed and visualized to your coach making use of user-friendly dashboard visualizations. And of course, good understanding and agreement are important about safety and privacy. Everyone has to rely on knowing which data is available and authorized to which specified group of users.

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