CheckDo you wish your students have the opportunity to shape their own learning process?

CheckDo you wish more frequent and meaningful feedback and information about their progress in learning?

CheckDo you wish to focus on learning results in stead of administrative side issues?

CheckWould you like to have maximum flexibility in method or way of learning ?

CheckWould you like using online learning technology in order to facilitate your educational and pedagogical goals in a durable manner and at the lowest possible cost?

Campiade delivers the following solutions:
• Flexible learning methods and activities for your pupils, students or employees
• Time, pace and place independent learning arrangements for any group sizes.
• Support in developing an online learning strategy and implementating it.
• Support in transformation of knowledge in effective shared blended learning
• Effective educational interventions based on formal and informal and meaningful learning information.
• Maintaining and Acquiring Accreditation and/or programme certifications while innovating your online learning potential

A selection of solutions:
• Analysis of the current situation and target group.
• A blended learning vision in line with your strategy and goals.
• Brainstorm based on the strengths and core values ​​of your organization.
• Business Case Development (with measurable specifications, solutions and evaluation criteria)
• Design, selection and implementation of educational programs and learning arrangements with use of social and rich media.
• Design and choice of assessment methods
• Design, selection and implementation of Learning Analytics tools/systems
• Selection and use of the right the right educational technology 
• Training and coaching of teachers, management and developers
• Support in Quality Assurance of educational programs

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