My Dashboard

The Ipadscholen word now often appears on my Ipad.
Only on my iPad? No, actually each display that I have before me. That screen forms actually growing into a dashboard where I can determine the number of buttons, sliders, widgets and gauges themselves.
In itself this is not new. Managing learning could already be regulated for years with learning environments.

However, the characteristic difference is that these dashboards always be more adaptive. Big Educational Data can be made applications, both the learner and the teacher ( "manager") anytime help in the learning process.
Why this is now? The two tectonic plates Science and Education called touch each other more often. They develop along very interesting applications in the field of Learning Analytics.

The different roles in which dashboards are more adaptive. Managers, teachers and coaches can still easily take the role of learning and vice versa. Its intuitive and inviting dashboards find increasing mutual feedback site, which can lead to better and learn better.

My Dashboard is dynamic to be! The driver and passenger increasing numbers together.
There will be moreover creates a new role. Of Educational Data Facilitator.