Making Lean Learning Effective

Because their market continues to develop rapidly, the companies remains important to continue to orientate well strategically. Current knowledge about the changing market is increasingly less just a matter for specialized departments. A large part of the organization is now expected to have a pro-active and entrepreneurial attitude, so that market, business, organization and employee well inviduele remain aligned. These "explorational learning" requirement is met in recent years increasingly come through the use of social learning tools to collaborate and share knowledge. It is expected to keep the business "up to speed". Research shows that the use of social media in this "Lean Learning" decent work at the individual level. All of these learning outcomes into practice and apply organizational level, however, is much more difficult. How the organization can redeem all of this scholar? Structuring, analyzing and formalizing the informal and many poses a major challenge for the management. Here play a new role for a social big data moderator 2.0?