Get Lucky

"Get Lucky" was a worldwide hit by Daft Punk. The musical motive of this pair - unrecognizable by wearing helmets - stems from the tension between man and machine. Robots like to be human and have human emotions. You should also make the robots and then through the music. Who's in control? Human or Technology? The same is reflected in another worldwide hit: Learning Analytics. That's not new. Like Kraftwerk Daft Punk was already in the 70s, there were in the fifties already learning machines. Learning Analytics leads to more personal learning than was once the case. Your own learning behavior reflects how much time you have to spend, how often you log in, how many swipes or mouse clicks you need, what resources you visit, what assignments you started, what papers you have made and what ratings you've achieved. Not only very useful for the teaching staff, for the student. In the United States have already achieved promising results with this. The time is spent effectively and efficiently. Knowledge is power, but not predict. Much research is still done on what has to be measured. For some it works. For some less. In any case, there are at present to make meaningful learning profiles, which are presented in accessible graphs and tables. What pulls you out there, the motivation of the student. Now what exactly led to the learning behavior? Fear? Pleasure? Boredom? The development is promising and offers concrete market opportunities. Takes the teaching machine about? That does not, but it is very important that the data is safe and stay in the right hands. That leaves out the most hits!