Do It Ourselves Learning

Learning is increasingly in line with "just get your job done" than before. And very convenient here is always on-line.
Where this "do it yourselve" learning just a few years was a promise, it is now common. Why?
On the one hand it is almost 85% of the world connected to each other via cables or transmission towers.That's pretty fast. So you can always find someone on your screen. On the other hand, we find it more and more to consume information not only, but also to share and hone. So per minute kilograms of fine cut credits on the Internet. Via youtube, forums, blogs and social media. And suddenly it's not too difficult to get your job done. Just google, find the authority and the way to solve your problem lies within a information throw. A couple of times to try and ... .Klus done! Job finished! completed project! "Do it yourself learning"? .. Or not? Perhaps a guide still remains useful ... ..