About learning paths

Lean Learning Paths

Many existing methods or curricula know predefined learning paths. Sometimes this is one, sometimes several per this method.
Compare it with the bicycle network in the Netherlands. There is also a number of predetermined fixed nodes, which neatly referenced with signs. Obviously a great way to beautiful nature trails and get to know the first time. Within these routes, it is possible to personalize. Navigation apps help you. You can see exactly how long you have cycled, what you were average speed, how many kilometers was the distance and when you stopped. In this way so many personalization, which can formulate your new goals and challenges for yourself within the beaten path. It is also possible to deviate from these nodes and try out any forest path and dead end. A form of self-differentiation. Again, let the navigation software the way you in the lurch, and points you did with all kinds of useful information on what.
Of these learning pathways differ within institutionalized methods or curricula, however, is even more difficult. What would be the reason?