About Campiade

Michiel Veldhuisen MSc, industrial designer and specialist in learning innovation What people say about Michiel:

"With his good communicating skills with subject matter experts (for example in IT and Engineering) Michiel is able to translate complex professional competences and skills into meaningful learning outcomes. Subsequently he is able to effectively deliver learning architectures, designs and courses on time - in good collaboration with stakeholders and colleagues" "With the professional contribution of Michiel, the e-learning portal of Nyenrode has been enriched with weblectures and interactive disussionboards. The project was a great success! Not only the students learned to study in a blended learning environment, but also Nyenrode and it's faculty have reached another milestone in their mission to keep innovating and facilitating the students in a cost efficient way with the help of state of the art technology" “An expert and helpful manager who provides a highly satisfactory quality of work. Someone that knows how to find balance between quality and costs. Someone who knows the requirements for investing in the development and management of digital learning environments and product innovation”

“Together with Michiel, as external project leader, and a team of LOI employees, I worked on the introduction, and, five years later, the development of a successful Bachelor education in Logistics and Economics. The score ‘excellent’ that we achieved as a team says enough about Michiel’s functioning under high pressure in complex organizations"

“To me trust, independence and knowledge are essential in an assignment. As manager I cannot be fully involved in detail during the process and therefore need someone that is in control, and who pulls the string at the right moment. Michiel does this very well” Since 1993, after finishing my studies as “business innovator” (Technical University of Delft, Industrial Design), I have been working intensely and with much satisfaction in the area of adult education. I first worked as a Project Manager, and then as Business Unit Manager in a private Educational Institution where I was responsible for a portfolio of studies at Vocational Training and Bachelor levels. After that I specialized in e-learning which resulted in dozens of new and improved educational products. Usability is key. With my extensive experience in project management and integrated approach with all stakeholders I deliver the desired added value.

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